It’s Croptober at Treasure Valley Cannabis

Hey, we’ve got some big news at Treasure Valley Cannabis Company! It’s harvest time, and this Croptober is destined to be one that makes so many of our customers very happy. We’ve been offering a few of our own house-grown cultivars, but this harvest is far bigger than anything we’ve done in the past with more flower and more strains to choose from.

Our cultivation team has been working exceptionally hard behind the scenes, nurturing all those cannabis plants as they develop beautiful, fragrant buds that are nothing short of pure treasure. We can’t wait to share these buds with you, and we’re ecstatic about this year’s harvest.

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What to Expect from the Treasure Valley Cannabis Company Flower Collection

This Croptober, our customers will gain access to an elite collection of top-shelf flower. We’ve invested a significant amount of resources into securing seeds from highly respected genetic lineages, and then growing those seeds into the plants we know our customers will appreciate. Each new strain has been specifically brought to life because it is capable of providing an all-around excellent experience, from flavor and aromatics to effects. Therefore, you can rest assured that our upcoming harvest will make it easy to find a new favorite strain.

TVCC started out as a dream to provide people with some of the highest quality cannabis and cannabis products available in Oregon. Every flower that makes its way onto our dispensary menu is hand-selected for its genetics, terpene profile, and undeniably easy-to-appreciate qualities. That’s just one reason why we’re known as one of the best dispensaries in Oregon. The cannabis we grow in-house is brought to life under an even more critical eye. Only the best specimens are allowed to bear the Treasure Valley Cannabis Company name.

The Treasure Valley Cannabis Strain Collection

We’re so excited to share all the new strains we’ve worked hard to grow and cure over the last several months. You can expect to see some of the true OG favorites, as well as some true stunners that are more contemporary with fascinating genetics. We’ve got some of the best Sativas, as well as noteworthy Indicas and Hybrids, destined to be favorites. A few strains you may see in our collection include:

  • Frances Lemon Cheese – A cheery/citrus hybrid with 26% THC and an awesome ability to leave you in a blissful abyss
  • Papaya Cake – An Indica-dominant strain that runs around 24% THC, tastes like fruity cake, and works wonders for your appetite
  • Cereal Milk – A Sativa-dominant hybrid with loud effects and a sweet, creamy flavor that puts you into a giggly, aroused state
  • Black Dog – An Indica strain with loads of herbal citrus flavor, 25% THC, and the ability to leave you tingly and ready for the best sleep ever

Why Vertical Integration Is the Way to Go for Top-Quality Flower

Looking for Ontario marijuana vertical integration style? When it comes to finding the best Oregon marijuana vertical integration is often preferred, and for good reason. This attribute, from the right brand, is about as close to back-in-the-day homegrown as you can get. Those pre-legal growers were highly attentive to their plants and made sure the experience with every bud was as memorable as possible.

This is why we knew Treasure Valley Cannabis Company had to be a vertically integrated Oregon cannabis brand. What does that mean exactly? A vertically integrated brand is a cannabis brand that acts as both a cultivator/processor and a retailer. So, essentially, we have our own flower harvest from plants that we actually know from the time they are just seeds. And we follow through with the process of drying and curing the flower when it is at the peak of perfection.

We are highly acquainted with any flower in our dispensary that bears the Treasure Valley Cannabis Company name because we’ve nurtured it from the beginning. Likewise, we have our own in-house solventless extract lab, which allows us to create noteworthy concentrates like live hash rosin from strains we know our customers can appreciate.

Be Sure to Keep an Eye on the Menu for the New TVCC Harvest

If you’re as excited about our incoming strains as we are, be sure to keep tabs on our menu. New flower options are being transitioned from our curing room to our store inventory throughout the month. If you stop in for a visit in person, be sure to ask the team what new in-house strains are available, and they’ll be happy to introduce you to all our latest strains.

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