The Best Dispensaries in Oregon (2023)

No doubt about it, you can find some of the best dispensaries in Oregon. Oregon has one of the oldest legal cannabis markets in the country. Therefore, there has been plenty of time for the top dispensaries in the state to tweak everything to make sure customers have the best possible experience.

Whether you’re traveling through Bend, Eugene, Portland, or even coming from Idaho next door, a good dispensary in OR is never hard to find. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with a list of the best dispensaries in Oregon by region below.

Best Dispensary in Oregon (Ontario)

Treasure Valley Cannabis Company

Type: Recreational

Treasure Valley Cannabis is situated in the Lower Snake River Valley on the east coast of the state. Known as the best dispensary near Idaho, as well as the top weed shop in eastern OR, Treasure Valley Cannabis works hard to exceed every customer’s expectations. From a premier selection at good prices to an exceptional visitor experience, we want your Treasure Valley visit to be one to remember.

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Impressive Collection of Fine Cannabis and Great Specials

When you want a good cannabis experience, it all comes down to using high-quality products. Treasure Valley Cannabis strives to make sure every shopper has a good experience with whatever product they choose by stocking only top-tier flower and products. Our menu is chock-full of:

Not only are we open every day of the week, but we also have daily specials for awesome savings opportunities on different types of products. And, all veterans, seniors, first responders, and industry employees get a discount as well. We’ll even give you 20 percent off your purchase on your birthday!

On-Site Concentrate Lab and Education

Are you curious about how cannabis concentrates are made? Perhaps you have questions about which flower will give you the experience you want. Maybe you have no idea what kind of edible suits you. Whatever your questions, our budtenders are always eager to help! Plus, you can actually witness our in-house solventless hash being produced while you shop.

Best Weed Dispensary in Portland Oregon

Jayne Marijuana Dispensary

Type: Recreational and Medical

Jayne was once mentioned as one of the best dispensaries in Oregon by High Times, and that reputation remains true. Jayne is a medical and recreational dispensary with menus to serve both types of customers quite well. The dispensary is known to pull together the top cannabis brands in the state, so its menu boasts some of the finest flower, vapes, concentrates, edibles, and more. But, even better, Jayne is said to offer some of the best prices in the Portland area.

Gnome Grown Dispensary

Type: Recreational

Gnome Grown near Portland has garnered a reputation for being one of the best places if you prefer an upscale shopping experience with affordable prices. This unique cannabis shop boasts a thoughtfully curated menu, which includes many products grown in Gnome Gardens. Which is the dispensary’s own biodynamic cultivation facility focused on using organic processes and living soil to produce the healthiest plants possible. However, one of the biggest draws of Gnome Grown is its unique, inviting atmosphere.

Best Dispensary in Eugene OR

Green Health Eugene

Type: Recreational and Medical

Green Health is not just one of the oldest recreational and medical dispos in Eugene, the place is also considered one of the best. Green Health prides itself on providing some of the cleanestcannabis flower and products in Oregon. The menu frequently boasts choices that are Certified Kind or Clean Green Certified, and, the staff is said to be very knowledgeable and helpful when you need advice. Green Health is also a prized member of the community—they frequently sponsor local events and entertainment initiatives.

Flowr of Lyfe

Type: Recreational

Locally owned and focused on providing organically grown cannabis, Flowr of Lyfe is known for honoring the true roots of good cannabis. This smaller retail weed shop always has a fresh collection of artisanal cannabis flower in top strains on the menu, including some of those precious cultivars that can be so hard to find. Customers claim a visit to Flowr of Lyfe is always rewarding in terms of selection, price, and customer service.

Best Dispensaries in Bend Oregon

Mr. Nice Guy Marijuana Dispensary

Type: Recreational

Mr. Nice Guy is often touted as the best dispensary in Oregon to visit if you want a welcoming environment and loads of options. This dispensary stocks some of the finest topicals, edibles, concentrates, and flowers in the state. Located in the heart of Bend, Mr. Nice Guy is easy to find and customers say they have some of the best prices on top-shelf products in the area.

Miracle Greens Dispensary

Type: Recreational

If you’re looking for a recreational dispensary with good vibes and amazing bud, Miracle Greens is said to be the best place to visit. This dispensary is near the Old Mill District where it opened its doors almost a decade ago in 2014. With an expansive inventory and ample room to roam, Miracle Greens prides itself on being a great place to go if you like to browse and explore without having to wait for service. Their motto is actually, “Always kushy, never pushy.”

Plan Your Visit to One of the Best Dispensaries in Oregon

Whether you’re traveling from somewhere in Idaho like Boise or Washoe, or you’re in OR already, Treasure Valley Cannabis Company will be happy to serve you well. We’ve got plenty of parking space outside and lots of room to browse indoors, so you can shop around in peace. Be sure to take a look at our menu and feel free to order ahead for convenient curbside pickup.

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