What is 710: 710 Deals in Oregon

For a lot of years, people who loved good cannabis had no choice but to be doting fans in secret. Today, thankfully, things have changed, so certain dates bring out cannabis enthusiasts loud and proud to celebrate what’s now legal. The 710 holiday is the perfect example.

With Oregon being one of the best places to find top-shelf cannabis and cannabis products, we have a wealth of reasons to celebrate. But, what is 710 anyway? Where did it come from? And should you be on the lookout for 710 deals in Oregon? We’ve got the answers to all this and more below.

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What is 710?

710 is the latest cannabis appreciation holiday to hit the annual calendar. Dubbed simply 710 and sometimes referred to as “Dab Day” or “Oil Day,” this holiday takes place every year on July 10th. So, as you may have already speculated, 710 is the weed holiday that is all about celebrating the freedom to use cannabis oil or cannabis concentrates in all their forms. Therefore, 710 is the day for pulling out your favorite dab rig or vape, your preferred oil, budder, shatter, or other dabs and having an all-out good day.

The 710 holiday has only been around for about a decade, but it is quickly gaining just as much notoriety as the beloved 420. There is some debate about when and where the term and associated date actually became a thing. Yet, what is certain is, the first official celebration took place in 2013, which included an official 710 Cup to call out all the favorite concentrates and take part in all kinds of cannabis oil-related festivities. Today, 710 brings on events in numerous cannabis-legal states.

But why 710?

Believe it or not, and as it tends to go with the cannabis community, 710 was picked for the simplest reason. You see if you turn the word “O-I-L” upside-down, you have three digits: 7-1-0. Hence, July 10th became the perfect date to celebrate cannabis concentrates. And, as an option, some people solidify the 710 theme by grabbing their dabs, rigs, or vapes at 7:10 in the morning or at night.

Watch for 710 Deals in Oregon

In the days leading up to 710 in OR, you best believe you’re going to see some impressive 710 specials that you won’t want to miss. Most OR dispensaries do their part to help folks celebrate by offering good deals on their best oils and concentrates.

Check Out Our Top In-House Concentrates

At Treasure Valley, we always enjoy a good 710 celebration because it is focused on cannabis products that we take great care to produce ourselves. Treasure Valley Cannabis even has its own in-house solventless extraction lab. Each of the cured cannabis concentrates we create is created from flower we grow on our own Oregon Farm. Therefore, we know these extracts and every terpene and cannabinoid included very well. Be sure to look for the Treasure Valley’s Finest name, and you’ll know you’ve got a solventless product made by us.

Our menu is full of a number of other impressive brands and concentrate products, such as:

Rest assured, you will see many of these great brands, including Treasure Valley’s Finest on our list of 710 deals in the coming days. So be sure to stop in and visit to get the top cannabis concentrates in OR to add to your Dab Day festivities.

Find All the Best 710 Specials in Ontario at Treasure Valley

From badder and budder to oil and hash, you can get your hands on all the best concentrates at Treasure Valley Cannabis. Not only do we take pride in every cannabis concentrate we bring to life, we expect the same level of quality from any other brand we include on our menu.

Are you gearing up for the upcoming celebration on 710? Make sure you stop in at Treasure Valley Cannabis Company to explore our impressive collection of concentrated cannabis products. Want to explore before you arrive? Take a look at our full menu online where you can actually order ahead for pickup.

Shop 710 Deals in Oregon

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