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Ask anyone who appreciates cannabis what they look for when it comes to the best flower in Oregon, and many will mention a Sativa strain. Cannabis at the dispensary is almost always labeled as Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, and all of these types of cannabis have their perks. Sativa, however, does get a lot of love from customers. What is a Sativa strain? What Sativa strains are the best? We’ve got all the details you want to know below.


Sativa Flower

What Is Sativa?

Sativa is often understood in the world of weed as a type of cannabis that tends to be more energizing and uplifting. While this does tend to be true more often than not, the word “Sativa” actually stems from the Latin word “Sativus,” which means “cultivated.” Cannabis Sativa plants were initially called such if they were native to Europe or Eurasia. By contrast, Indica strains were named such if they hailed from Indian regions.

Cannabis cultivators continue to use these terms to categorize a plant based on its genetic characteristics and even its genetic lineage. For example, a plant that grows taller and has narrower, pointer leaves is designated as Sativa. While many plants that bear similar physical characteristics may indeed offer similar effects, not all plants labeled as Sativa have identical effects.

A Look at the Best Sativa Strains 2023

1. Durban Poison

  • THC: 21%
  • Top Terpene: Terpinolene
  • Top-Level Effects: Energetic and focused

Durban Poison gains a lot of accolades because it is one of the few true Landrace strains that is not genetically a hybrid. Not to mention, Durban Poison’s effects are some of the easiest to appreciate. This uplifting cultivar from Fractal Farms leaves you focused and emotionally uplifted, and it works perfectly when you need to stay productive or get into a creative head space. Durban has a sweet, herby aroma and taste with just a hint of mint, and its potency is not over-the-top.

2. Trinity

  • THC: 23%
  • Top Terpene: Myrcene
  • Top-Level Effects: Energetic and creative

Trinity is a hybrid strain, but heavily Sativa dominant, and it’s also a strain that you don’t see every day because its three-way genetics make it a little more challenging to cultivate. So, if you see Trinity from Arcadia Cannabis on a dispensary menu, be sure to grab this strain while you have the chance. Trinity is heavily verbal in terms of flavor with a potent level of skunk. Expect an immediate emotional uplift with this strain followed by a nice focused lull that keeps you centered and ready for the day ahead.

3. Berry Pie

  • THC: 25%
  • Top Terpene: Caryophyllene
  • Top-Level Effects: Hungry, giggly, and aroused

Berry Pie is a classic Sativa-dominant strain that’s oh-so-easy to appreciate with its creamy, tart-berry flavor coated in sticky sweetness. One of our picks for Berry Pie comes from Exotic Blendz, which has a reputation for providing some of the best pre-rolls in the state. Berry Pie leaves you feeling utterly euphoric and blissful, but your mind is focused, and your energy levels stay in a good place.

4. Blue Dream

  • THC: 18%
  • Top Terpene: Myrcene
  • Top-Level Effects: Creative, calm, and happy

Another excellent Sativa-dominant hybrid, Blue Dream is one of the most sought-after Sativa strains in Oregon. This strain is a go-to for people looking for relief from stress and anxiety, but the euphoric uptick also makes it a favorite for depression. Even without therapeutic use, Blue Dream is a true pleasure to smoke with its sweet blueberry flavor and impressive cerebral stimulation. Unlike some Sativas, Blue Dream also has a tendency to induce a state of physical relaxation.

Other Honorable Mentions with Sativa Dominance

  • Sour Diesel – A pungent and potent strain with insane mental uplift
  • Purple Haze – A dreamy classic with loads of flavor and an outstanding level of calmness to deliver
  • Green Crack – A highly energetic Sativa strain that leaves focused and energetic
  • Strawberry Cough – A mid-range potency strain with a nice ripened strawberry flavor
  • Super Lemon Haze – A citrus-bursting strain with a reputation for long-lasting emotional uplift

Sativa Flower

Shop for the Best Sativa Strains and products at Treasure Valley

Without question, there is a lot to appreciate when it comes to Sativa strains in Oregon. Whether you’re looking for a true Landrace Sativa or a Sativa-leaning hybrid, we’ve got you covered at Treasure Valley Cannabis. We have partnered with the best growers in the state to bring you one of the most refined collections of flower in the Pacific Northwest. Be sure to explore our complete menu where you can also order ahead, and we’ll get your order ready before you arrive.


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