Terpenes 101: A Guide to Cannabis Terpenes

When you fire up your favorite Sativa strain and catch a hint of lemon, enjoy the minty finish of your favorite Indica, or find nothing but respect for a newfound highly pungent strain, you actually have cannabis terpenes to thank for the experience. Terpenes may not get as much respect as cannabinoids like THC and CBD, but they can be highly important to your overall experience with a strain. What are terpenes in weed? Why are cannabis terpenes important? Check out this full guide to help you better understand the interesting world of cannabis terpenes.

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Cannabis Terpenes

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that can be found in many plants throughout the natural world. These compounds are responsible for the zesty refreshing scent of a lemon peel, the pungent aroma of garlic, and even the fragrant sweetness of jasmine. Terpenes in weed are the same as those found elsewhere on the planet, but cannabis happens to be one of the most terpene-rich plants around.

What Do Cannabis Derived Terpenes Do?

In nature, terpenes play various roles in benefiting the plant. For example, some plants produce aromas through terpenes that attract pollinators, while other plants may utilize terpenes to deter pests or diseases. These same natural uses apply to cannabis, but terpenes found in weed also strongly benefit humans that have an affinity for smoking good flower.

Terpenes determine the overall aromatic and flavor profiles of different strains. For example, a good strain of Strawberry Smoothie boasts that sweet, berry-tinged flavor, and the citrus punch of Lemon Cherry Gelato is truly something to admire because of, you guessed it, terpenes. Beyond the treat for the senses, however, cannabis terpenes may also offer some level of value due to the effects they bring to the table.

A Look at Top Cannabis Terpenes and Their Effects

Remember how we said that cannabis is one of the most terpene-rich plants on the planet? You may be fascinated to learn that there are roughly 400 known terpenes that can be derived from plants in the cannabis family. While there is no way we can cover them all, we can discuss some of the most prominent, the aromatics they provide, and their potential; therapeutic value. Take a look:

  • Myrcene – An earthy, fruity terpene known for its sedating, relaxing properties and potential to help with pain that can also be found in mangoes.
  • Limonene – A citrus-flavored terpene also found in citrus fruits that is known for soothing stress and anxiety.
  • Caryophyllene – A peppery terpene also found in black pepper and cloves that may be beneficial for uplifting the mood and improving stress.
  • Linalool – A spicy, floral terpene also found in lavender that may be relaxing and good for racing thoughts.
  • Terpinolene – A citrusy, pine/floral terpene also found in lilacs and tea trees that may be good for physical pain and trouble sleeping.
  • Pinene – A pine-smelling terpene common in conifer trees that potentially offers a mood-lifting effect.
  • Humulene – A woody, earthy terpene also found in ginseng and hops that may be good for sleep disorders and your mood.

Terpene FAQs

Do terpenes get you high?

Terpenes do not get you high, but they may enhance the effects of some cannabinoids. For example, limonene is known to be more uplifting, which may highlight the euphoric nature of a Sativa-dominant strain, leaving you feeling just a touch more giddy.

How do you find terpene-rich strains?

The most important thing to look for when you want a terpene-rich flower is the freshness and quality of the bud. Terpenes are not exceptionally shelf-stable. Therefore, they have to be locked in during the curing process, and they can dissipate when the bud tiptoes its way to a point beyond its expected shelf life. Therefore, always go with good brands and shop at the best dispensaries in Oregon.

How do you know what terpenes are in certain strains?

Weedmaps, Leafly, and Allbud are all good research sources for exploring terpene profiles in different strains. But we strive to offer details on the top terpenes in strains in our inventory right on our menu’s product pages. Plus, when in doubt, you can always ask a budtender for details on specific strains.

Find All the Reasons to Love Terpenes at Treasure Valley Cannabis

From myrcene-rich strains to help you sleep to tasty limonene strains that remind you of your favorite candy, we’ve got a little of everything at Treasure Valley Cannabis Company. If you’re ready to explore some of the most flavorful, aromatic strains around, be sure to take a look at our menu.

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