Heard the News? We’ve Got $20 1g Vape Carts in Oregon

1g Vape Carts for Sale for $20 in Oregon

When you are all about vaping your weed instead of smoking it, vape carts make your preferences simple to achieve. However, vape carts are naturally higher than flower due to potency and how long they last.

While you get more bang for your buck with vape carts, there’s no reason your enthusiasm for a good cart should leave your wallet busted. To make sure it doesn’t, we’ve got you covered with $20 1-gram vape carts in Oregon! Check out all the details on getting discount vape carts in Oregon below.

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Take a Look at the Value Vape Carts in Oregon at Treasure Valley

Treasure Valley has one of the biggest collections of the best cannabis vape carts in OR, and these carts are often available for a steal of a price. But the $ 20-gram vape cart deal in OR is practically unheard of. Plus, you’ll see picks around this price point for some of the best cannabis brands in the state, such as Treasure Valley’s Finest, Buddies Brand, and Hush.

Which picks are on sale for the day can always be subject to change. However, a few vape carts you’ll see on the menu for a good price include:

  • 1g Vanilla Cake Distillate Vape Carts – A sweet, cake-flavored vape with the same head and body relaxation delivery as the uplifting hybrid
  • 1g Blue Cotton Candy Vape Carts – A true circus-worthy treat with vanilla sweetness and an uplifting level of effects
  • 1g Apple Jack Vape Carts – A spicy apple vape modeled after the hybrid strain with a high potency and chill vibe
  • 1g Banana Kush Distillate Vape Carts – The banana-flavored vape everyone loves with earthy bananas and loads of laughs to deliver
  • 1g Orange Creamsicle Vape Carts – Modeled after the beloved hybrid that tastes like summer dessert and leaves you feeling just as sweet

Treasure Valley's Finest! 1g Banana Kush Flavored Distillate Vape Cartridge Product Image

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We have all kinds of ways for customers to save money at Treasure Valley. So, before heading our way, take a few minutes to get the news about our latest deals and specials in Ontario, OR. Additionally, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to sign up for our email newsletter, and you’ll get all the news first about our latest savings opportunities.

Stop by for the Best Collection of Cheap Vapes Oregon Has to Offer

When you need good green and need to keep stacked green in your wallet, Treasure Valley Cannabis Company is always the way to go. We’re big on offering some of the best dispensary deals in the state, right down to $15 eighths and cheap vapes.

Shop the Top Vape Carts in Oregon

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