The Best Restaurants in Treasure Valley and Ontario, OR

Winger's Restaurant & Alehouse Ontario, Oregon

Got a major case of the munchies? There’s no question about it, if you’ve been seshing in the valley, some of the best food you could ever ask for is never far from the best sash spots in town. You can find some of the best restaurants in Treasure Valley, OR, and it doesn’t matter what kind of fare you’re into either. From pizza that rivals anything you’d find on the East Coast to farm-to-table places that feel like a trip to Grandma’s kitchen, we’ve got something for every food-seeker. To make sure you find your way to the best places, we’ve pulled together a list of the best food in Treasure Valley.

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Best Restaurants in Treasure Valley, OR

1. WINGERS Restaurant & Alehouse – SE 1st Ave

Planted just a little over a mile from our dispensary, WINGERS Restaurant & Alehouse gets a ton of business from Happy Valley customers. The food at WINGERS is fantastic, and let’s just say a lot of items on the menu fall right into the “munchies” category. For example, an order of Sticky Fingers (boneless chicken fingers smothered in sauce) hits about as good as the best Sativa strains in OR when you need to feed the post-weed hunger. However, the restaurant also has some more upscale picks like Loaded Bird and Blackened Lemon Salmon.

2. Romio’s Pizza & Pasta – S Oregon St

Romio’s is one of those Italian restaurants people stumble upon in Treasure Valley that takes them by complete surprise because this is hands-down some of the best food in Ontario, OR. This modestly sized, tucked-away eatery serves up some of the best buffalo wings, chicken alfredo, and pizza you can put in your mouth. The people at Romio’s Pizza & Pasta always greet you with a smile, and they have no qualms about throwing together a specially prepared dish exactly how you like it.

3. Country Kitchen Restaurant – Tapadera Ave

You remember us mentioning Grandma’s cooking above? The Country Kitchen restaurant is exactly what we had in mind. This cozy little place serves breakfast all day, and not just any breakfast, but mouthwatering, down-home breakfast with stacks of pancakes, fluffy scrambled eggs, and more. But the rest of the food is just as good, with menu items like Potato Soup topped with bacon and shredded cheddar, and Fried Green Beans.

4. Bert’s Growler Garage – SW 4th Ave

If you’re in the mood for a cold craft beer or a fresh glass of kombucha paired with a sandwich, salad, or wrap, Bert’s Growler Garage is the place to be. This restaurant has both dine-in and carryout options, and there’s always something mouthwatering on the menu. However, dining in is always a lot of fun because the restaurant has everything from pinball machines to classic automobile memorabilia to appreciate. A few local favorites include the Big Ass Pretzel with house beer cheese or brown mustard and the Cuban sandwich.

5. Cowboy’s Bar & Grill – Southeast 1st Ave

With its charming Western vibe, Cowboy’s Bar & Grill offers a taste of the frontier right in Treasure Valley. One visit will show you why this is considered one of the best restaurants in Ontario, Oregon. The place is laid-back and inviting, but the food is a showstopper with menu picks like Wagyu Ribeye and one of the best Porterhouse dishes you can find in the area. You can also order to go from Cowboy’s, and they have more low-key menu choices that are just as delicious including nachos and pulled pork sandwiches.

Cowboy's Bar & Grill Ontario, Oregon

Still Wondering Where to Eat in Ontario, OR? Stop By for Some Recs

If you still need to know where to eat in Treasure Valley, we’ll be happy to give you some of our favorite places when you stop in for a visit to Treasure Valley. We love good food almost as much as we love good weed! By the way, while you’re in the area, you will definitely want to take a look at our menu as well. We’ve got one of the best collections of premium cannabis in the state, as well as our own in-house solventless concentrates you can see being made at certain times of the day.

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