You Can Now Purchase Up to 10 Grams of Concentrates in Oregon

You Can Now Buy Up to 10 Grams of Concentrates in Oregon

Are cannabis concentrates your favorite way to enjoy weed? If so, you may have been frustrated in the past because you couldn’t get all the best concentrates at the dispensary in one trip. Thankfully, the regulations have changed. Now you can buy even more recreational concentrates Oregon dispensaries offer during a single trip. Of course, Treasure Valley Cannabis Company has got you covered with all the necessary details below.

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How Much Concentrate Can You Buy in Oregon Now?

For quite some time, the limit on recreational cannabis concentrates in Oregon has been 5 grams per customer, per purchase. However, the latest change in state cannabis legislation has doubled the legally allowed amount adult customers can purchase in one day. You can now purchase 10 grams of cannabis concentrates during your visit. Even more noteworthy, you can still buy 10 grams of concentrates even if you are buying up to 10 grams of other cannabis products intended for inflation, such as flower or cannabis vapes.

Looking for the Best Recreational Concentrates Oregon Offers?

On the heels of this awesome change to customer purchase limits, you may be wondering, what are the best cannabis concentrates in OR? Don’t forget, we have our own in-house solventless concentrates at Treasure Valley. Our extracts are made right here, where customers can view the process right through a window in our dispensary. We have a full collection of picks like cured resin sauce and others taken from some of the finest strains. Take a look at a few of the best cannabis concentrates in OR below.

1. Treasure Valley Cannabis Company Gushers Cured Resin Sauce

A pure and clean resin sauce with a high terpene concentration and exceptional potency, this cured resin sauce is impressive. The citrus and floral flavor notes of the strain shine through here exceptionally well. However, a lot of people love this sauce because it makes you feel utterly blissful and chill.

2. Bobsled Extracts Orange Cookies Sugar Wax

Sugar wax is a different breed when it comes to cannabis concentrates, and a lot of people prefer it with its sparkly, crumbly texture. Our pick for one of the best is Orange Cookies from Bobsled Extracts. This wax is perfect for topping a bowl to add a more dynamic flavor or citrus, and it has an uplifting nature that’s hard not to appreciate.

3. Concrete Jungle Extracts Papaya Sunrise Badder

A truly sweet concentrate, Papaya Sunrise badder from Concrete Jungle Extracts is the epitome of what a badder should be. The consistency is smooth and densely creamy. The flavor quality with the papaya notes is over the top. And the effects are like being embraced in a cloud of happy fuzz.

Concrete Jungle Extracts 1g Papaya Sunrise Badder Product Image

Find All the Best Cannabis Concentrates at Treasure Valley Cannabis

Treasure Valley Cannabis Company has a reputation to uphold—we’re the go-to place in the area when it comes to cannabis concentrates. If you’re ready to take advantage of your ability to buy 10 grams, be sure to catch all the state favorites on our dispensary menu.

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