$15 Eighths of Flower for Sale in Ontario, OR

$15 Eighths of Flower for Sale in Ontario, OR

At Treasure Valley dispensary in Ontario, OR, our $15 Eighths of Flower deal is a fantastic way to test out different cannabis strains. There is a wide variety of types of cannabis, and this deal gives you the chance to try out a new strain or two that you haven’t tried before. Our most popular $15 Eighths of Flower is our sativa, but we also have indica and hybrid strains.

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$15 Eighths of Flower for Sale in Ontario, OR

Deals at Treasure Valley Cannabis Company

When you shop at Treasure Valley Cannabis Company, you can rest assured you’re getting high-quality products at low prices. Daily deals feature sales on top products, including flowers, vapes, cannabis accessories, edibles, tinctures, and more. Find current discounts on Leafly, including low prices on popular brands like Treasure Valley’s Finest, Trichome Farms, Mana Extracts, Oregrown, Hug Farms, Cathedral, and Grown Rogue.

$15 Eighths of Flower Deal

An 1/8 of flower is a standard measurement for cannabis. For the $15 deal, you’ll get approximately 3.5 grams of weed. A 1/8 flower typically consists of three to four larger buds or six to eight smaller buds. At Treasure Valley Cannabis, you’ll get the exact amount—precisely measured digitally.

Although joint and bowl sizes vary, you can expect approximately six joints from the flower and eight bowls. Cannabis strains can have different densities due to water retention and drying processes.

Shopping the $15 Eighths of Flower Deal

Taking advantage of the available 1/8 of flower deal at Treasure Valley Cannabis Company is simple. Shop at the Oregon dispensary on 12th Avenue in Ontario, and take home your favorite cannabis products. You can also shop online and place your pickup order before heading to the shop. Pick up orders daily until 10 pm.

Flower available from the dispensary comes from local growers like Stardust Cultivation, Real McCoy Farms, Tao Gardens, UP Cannabis, and Ananada Farms.

Getting to Treasure Valley Cannabis Company

Stop at Treasure Valley dispensary in Ontario, OR, today and try cannabis flower with our $15 Eighth of Flower deal. Our staff can help you choose a strain or find your favorite if you’re a regular cannabis smoker. And if cannabis flower isn’t suitable for you, or you want to try another method of enjoying cannabis, take home some cannabis edibles or drinks. We have daily Oregon dispensary deals that promise significant savings on the top brands.

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