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Treasure Valley's Finest

Treasure Valley’s Finest is owned and operated through the Treasure Valley Cannabis Company. Our in-house solventless laboratory creates high-quality hash. Through partnerships with local growers, Treasure Valley’s Finest finds the perfect flower for its hash products. Knowledgeable staff work on-site to create a variety of strains at different price points. Dispensary customers can shop for the badders and other products sold at Treasure Valley Cannabis Company, including edibles, loose flower, vape cartridges, and more.

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Treasure Valley's Finest:

Product Line

Treasure Valley’s Finest changes its product offerings regularly. Customers should check back regularly to see available strains. The following are a few of the types of products you can expect when shopping from the in-house solventless lab:

Full spectrum traditional hashish. Full spectrum means it will contain a variety of cannabinoids to produce a range of effects. For instance, Papaya Cake is a hybrid strain with 62.4 percent THC and 0.3 percent CBD.

Cold cure live rosin badder. Connoisseurs will appreciate the selection of cold cure live rosin badders from Treasure Valley’s Finest. Types like Dirty Beach have more than 69 percent THC and 6.71 percent terpenes. 

Treasure Valley’s Finest FAQs

Common questions about the Treasure Valley’s Finest products include:

What are solventless concentrates?

Treasure Valley’s Finest doesn’t use chemicals to create concentrates, meaning they operate a solventless lab. Extraction methods to produce solventless concentrates instead includes options such as pressing, sieving, pressure, and ice.

How do you use the Treasure Valley’s Finest concentrates?

Treasure Valley’s Finest solventless concentrates can be enjoyed using dab rigs traditionally.

Treasure Valley’s Finest Review

Treasure Valley Finest has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. The Highest Critic recently reviewed strains, including Umami and Strawberry Banana Smoothie. The reviewer praised the strains for their taste and effects. The Strawberry Banana Smoothie produced a “relaxing head high and slow couch-lock.” The Umami had a “calming and sedative effect with a feeling of weightlessness.”

Where to Buy Treasure Valley's Finest in OR

Come See Us!

Find Treasure Valley’s Finest at Ontario, Oregon’s Treasure Valley Cannabis Company. The weed dispensary will have the latest releases from their in-house solventless lab, with customers able to order products ahead for fast and convenient pickup.

Buy Treasure Valley’s Finest at the Treasure Valley Cannabis Company

Visit Treasure Valley Cannabis Company daily until 10 pm. On weekdays the cannabis shop opens at 9 am. On weekends, you can buy products starting at 8 am. The dispensary is located just over the Idaho border in Oregon at 560 SE 12th Avenue in Ontario.

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