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Nelson and Company Organics

Nelson and Company Organics is an established cannabis brand with over two decades of growing experience. The brand focuses on organic practices to deliver pure products to dispensaries throughout the Oregon area. Find Nelson and Company weed at Treasure Valley Cannabis. The dispensary carries numerous lines from the grower, including their strains of flower, solventless hash, and edibles.

Nelson and Company Organics:

Product Line

Nelson and Company Organics strains available include indica, sativa, and hybrid. Hybrid options are among the brand’s bestsellers, with varieties like the Grape Stomper. The potent strain has an intensely fruity aroma and a taste reminiscent of grape candy. Users feel uplifted and experience an immediate improvement in mood. Additional Nelson and Company weed hybrid strains include Cherry Kush and Hash Burger. Purchase these strains and other fresh flower options from 1 gram to 1 ounce.

Shoppers enjoy the Live Hash Rosin from Nelson and Company Organics. The concentrate comes in 1-gram packaging and has a high amount of THC. You will find indica and hybrid strains of the grower’s live hash rosin at Treasure Valley Cannabis.

Another popular seller from the cannabis grower is the strains of solventless hash jelly. The edible comes in fruit flavors like Strawberry, Sour Green Apple, and Blueberry. Different edibles you may also want to try include the Dark Chocolate Bar and the Carefree Caramels.

Nelson and Company Organics FAQs

The following are the most commonly asked questions about the products from Nelson and Company Organics:

What type of ingredients does the brand use for their products?

Only organic ingredients go into any of the Nelson and Company Organics products. Specific options like the jellies are labeled vegan. The company uses extended drying and curing times with high-quality components to ensure excellence.

How potent are the products from Nelson and Company Organics?

Most product releases will have THC amounts with little to no CBD. Cherry Kush and GMO strains appeal to most customers, including those new to cannabis.

Nelson and Company Organics Review

Most consumers have positive things to say about Nelson and Company Organics, especially each strain’s potency. For instance, on Leafly, the company has many fans of their GG strain, with users stating things like “an excellent potent strain” that “takes away chronic pain.”

Portland Mercury recently featured the grower, highlighting the brand’s passionate following. The reviewer also remarked that the brand’s “quality of the flower clearly shines through.”

Edibles from Nelson and Company, like the Chocolate Bar, have received favorable reviews from critics. One reviewer stated the “flavor of the chocolate was delicious” and “the high was nice considering the low dosage.”

Where to Buy Nelson and Company Organics in OR

Come See Us!

Nelson and Company Organics has partnered with local Oregon dispensaries to offer their available strains. Treasure Valley Cannabis Company is one of the grower’s partners and provides an extensive catalog of the top sellers from the cannabis brand.

Buy Nelson and Company Organics at Treasure Valley Cannabis

Treasure Valley Cannabis, located on SE 12th Avenue in Ontario, Oregon, has daily operating hours. On weekdays shop at the dispensary from 9 am to 10 pm and on the weekends from 8 am to 10 pm. Order ahead online for faster pickup. Feel free to contact Treasure Valley Cannabis with questions about Nelson and Company or other weed brands.

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