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Gary Payton

The Gary Payton strain was named in honor of Hall of Fame NBA player Gary Payton. Gary Payton held numerous MVP titles during his 13-year career with Seattle. Later, the basketball player would become an advocate for cannabis and CBD products. Gary Payton weed came about as a collaboration between Cookies and Powerzzz Genetics.

gary payton strain

Is Gary Payton Indica or Sativa?

Gary Payton is a hybrid strain with a balanced blend of terpenes. The Indica-dominant weed has very little CBD but does have a modest amount of CBG.

More Gary Payton Strain Characteristics

Gary Payton marijuana is considered one of the more potent strains available. Treasure Valley Cannabis Company customers praise the weed for its powerful effects, delicious taste, and pleasing aroma.


The growers made Gary Payton by crossing The Y and Snowman. The Y is a sativa strain that makes consumers feel energized and uplifted. Snowman is a hybrid weed strain that produces a euphoric high.


Most Gary Payton cannabis has a colorful appearance with very green buds that grow in a cone shape. The weed also has splashes of color with gold and purple hairs.


Gary Payton has a very earthy smell, with some fans remarking on the piney and nutting scents. The musky aroma tends to be intense, with a few hints of apricot.


When trying Gary Payton, you’ll smell the scent of apricots and taste the fruit flavors. Pepper and lavender are other flavor profiles associated with the Gary Payton strains.


The dominant terpene for Gary Payton is caryophyllene, but there are also limonene and pinene.

Effects: How Will Gary Payton Make Me Feel?

Gary Payton provides a relaxed feeling that could make the person feel giggly and happy. Users report that the weed helps with anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Strains like Gary Payton

Strains like Gary Payton that give you a happy and giggly effect include Pink Runtz and Limoncello.

Where to Buy Gary Payton in Oregon

Purchase Gary Payton in Oregon at Treasure Valley Cannabis Company. The top area dispensary sells the flower in sizes ranging from one gram to one ounce. You can also find Gary Payton as live rosin through the in-house lab called Treasure Valley’s Finest.

Buy the Gary Payton Strain or similar strains at Treasure Valley Cannabis Company

Visit Treasure Valley Cannabis Company to buy Gary Payton and other widespread weed strains. Open seven days a week with convenient options like online ordering and fast pickup makes Treasure Valley the ideal choice.

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